What affects the price of artificial turf?

May 10th,2023

How is artificial turf priced and why do prices vary so much when they seem to be the same.

When you are shopping for artificial turf, you will often see similar lawn prices that vary greatly, this time you must distinguish carefully and not blindly place an order.


The manufacturing process of artificial turf has been perfected today, the cost of production in the same country or region will not be too different. So the same parameters of the product price gap between the business should be different regions.


1. Parameters. In addition to the regional differences, the most influential product pricing is the parameters, such as the product grass height, cluster density, Dtex. the higher the grass height, the greater the cluster density, the heavier the Dtex, the higher the price will be. Of course there will be some manufacturers false label parameters, these parameters are better to measure, specific measurement methods can go through the previous articles.


2. Backing glue. The gram weight and quality of the backing is also a relatively important factor affecting the price. The different composition of the glue and the thickness of the applied glue will seriously affect the service life of the lawn. This cannot be measured directly, but can be compared and observed. Generally speaking, the thicker the backing is, the higher the price; in terms of quality, the price will be higher if the lawn is bent without cracking, crease free and not hard.


3. Materials. In the least perceptible materials, there are many options, which are mainly reflected in the manufacturer's commitment to after-sales shelf life above. Generally speaking, the longer the shelf life, the higher the price, because the business will add insect repellent, UV protection and other things that extend the life.


4. Order quantity. The price of lawn also fluctuates according to the quantity you order, the larger the quantity the cheaper the price. A manufacturer can only produce one type of lawn at a time, and it takes time to adapt the equipment when replacing the type of lawn, which is wasted time, and the wasted cost will naturally be spread evenly to the product.

5. Some large manufacturers of products slightly higher prices, not necessarily the problem of brand premium, large manufacturers often represent advanced production equipment, high product quality, the budget is not a problem, you can basically buy directly. Because counting the post-maintenance words, the comprehensive price is not necessarily much higher than ordinary manufacturers.


Therefore, before buying a lawn, you should estimate the service life of the lawn and then go to the business to consult. Those who don't want to bother with small quantities can buy directly from some established manufacturers; for large quantities, you should find more manufacturers and ask for some samples, and choose the most cost-effective among them.


In short, when buying a lawn, you can't just look at the price, the most important thing is to find the most suitable goods according to your own needs and not spend money.