Care and Maintenance of Artificial Turf

Apr 27th,2023

Care and Maintenance of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf requires no maintenance most of the time, which is one of the advantages over real turf. It also has a relatively long service life, and the way to extend that life is to take care of it regularly.


Therefore, it is necessary to do the following basic maintenance.


First. Precautions

1. Do not smoke inside the lawn, although it will not ignite, but it will cause permanent damage to the lawn.


2. hard objects should not be brought in as much as possible, and should be cleaned in time.


3. After use, if the lawn is not level, you can use special tools to level the lawn and filler.


4. When there is too much dust on the lawn, you can wait for the rain to shower it off, or flush it manually.


5. When it is too hot in summer, you can sprinkle water to cool down the lawn


Second. Inspection and repair


1. Check carefully if there is any loose stitching, and if there is any damage, tear, burn, etc. at the bottom of the whole turf. Contact the paving company in time for larger damages.


2. Regularly check the edges of the turf for cracks and open seams, and repair them in time to help the service life of the field.


3. The washing or sweeping of heavy rain will make a small amount of filler loss. You can fill some quartz sand, rubber grain and sweep into the turf completely.


Third. Prohibited matters


1. No smoking, no fireworks and other flammable and explosive items are allowed on the turf;


2. Large and heavy objects should not be moved on the lawn;


3. Prohibit the use of chemical agents or pesticides to treat the lawn.



Before using the artificial turf to determine the main use of the lawn, special ping dedicated to the use of the range of sports and projects, to avoid direct harm to the lawn projects and activities on the lawn.


Finally, even good and durable things need usual careful maintenance in order to use longer, and artificial turf is no exception, only with careful maintenance can make this artificial green space become more beautiful and practical.