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The instructions on artificial turf

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A, artificial lawn should be used under normal movement

1, bans on 9 mm long, or more than 9 mm be allowed to run on the lawn.

2, it is forbidden for any motor vehicles driving on the lawn.

3, banning heavy pressure on the lawn for a long time.

4, banned the shot put, javelin, discus, or other high falling exercise on the lawn.

5, when snow banned immediately trample, need to sweep floating on the surface of the snow again after use.

Second, the finishing

Shop is installed, six to eight weeks, every week to clean the artificial lawn, gravel sweep, keep the grass stems erect, such the goal is to maintain gravel height at a certain level.

Third, foreign bodies in the grass

To clear in time the lawn of the foreign body, leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum etc. Will ?


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